The first traces of today's Schloss Lütetsburg date back to the beginning of the 13th century. The chieftain dynasty of Manninga, at that time influential East Frisians, had a so-called Uthof, an outer courtyard, built in 1212. In the 14thcentury, Lütet I. Manninga built a stone house on this site. Today he is the patron saint of the place and the castle.

In the following centuries Lütetsburg was the headquarters of powerful barons but also was destroyed again and again by raging battles in the surroundings. Finally, in the 16th century, the castle, which had been rebuilt several times, was extended by an outer bailey. This outer bailey still exists today, for the most part in its original form.

In 1588, Hyma Manninga married the imperial baron Wilhelm zu Innhausen und Knyphausen and the magnificent estate passed into the ownership of the family zu Inn- und Knyphausen. Still today, the Family zu Inn- und Knyphausen owns this wonderful piece of contemporary history.


Schlosspark Lütetsburg
Landstr. 39 | 26524 Lütetsburg

The carpark is situated opposite the entrance.

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The gardens are open all year round, with opening hours during the following:

May-September: 8am-9pm    
October-April: 10am-5pm